Auto Accident Claims Payment Process

If you have PIP/Med Pay on your Policy...

Your Auto Insurance will pay your medical bills as we submit them as long as they approve your claim and consider the treatment medically necessary. If the other driver was at fault, your insurance company can recoup funds from their insurance company.

If you don't have PIP/Med Pay on your Auto Policy and the other driver is at fault....

We'll send your bills to the other driver's auto insurance as you treat. They won't pay Valente Chiropractic, or any other providers you've seen, until treatment is concluded and you settle with the third party auto (the other driver's insurance).

At the conclusion of care, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact our office BEFORE you settle with the third party auto so that you know how much your balance is in our office. Even though we send our bills to the 3rd party auto insurance, it's possible they don't have the correct total, or any total for our office, if the claims weren't properly routed. We can provide you with a ledger of all your charges.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure the amount that you owe to Valente Chiropractic and any other providers is INCLUDED IN THE SETTLEMENT AMOUNT. Doing this should prevent you from settling for less than what you owe. Once you settle with the third party auto, they won't pay out any additional funds. Your charges in our office are your responsibility whether or not paid by insurance.

By default, the 3rd party auto insurance will make the entire settlement amount out to you or your attorney. We ask that you request that the 3rd party auto insurance pay us directly for the part of the settlement that is the balance owed in our office, as this is usually the easiest and fastest method for all parties and avoids confusion. We may file a lien to enable this direct payment.

Third party auto claims in Washington state must be settled or have a lawsuit filed within 3 years of the accident date. If you obtain an attorney to help with the settlement process or to file a lawsuit please let us know their information.

If the other driver is at fault but doesn't have insurance or fled the scene AND you don't have PIP...

We'll submit the bills to your Auto Insurance for payment if you have uninsured motorist on your policy. Please check and know your policy limits so that you don't treat beyond them. Much like with 3rd party auto, they won't pay until treatment is concluded and you settle with them. As with the 3rd party settlement process, make sure you know the balance you owe in our office and that it is included in the settlement amount. If you don't have uninsured motorist or if you're at fault and you don't have PIP on your policy we can bill your commercial health insurance.

If you have any questions during any part of the auto claim process don't ever hesitate to ask! Being in a auto collision is headache enough. We're here to help you during every part of the process from pain relief to paperwork 🙂